XDMS incorporated advanced technology platform and based on a few simple design principles - security, performance, ease-of-use, and reliability. These principals share a single goal - to let your organization work efficiently.


XDMS is a uniquely designed, web-based document management solutions. Users have option to use secure communication architecture with industry-standard SSL and 128-bit encryption. XDMS also logs every document access and change using built-in audit trail while letting you define security and access privileges at a folder, user, and document type level - giving you the ultimate in document control.


XDMS is designed from the ground up with speed in mind. With smart programming techniques, and interface design optimization we make sure you can access your documents quickly on any internet connection using just a Web Browser.

Ease of Use

Based on web standards, XDMS users can access the system anytime anywhere on any internet connection.


XDMS supports fault-tolerant architecture to provide high availability and reliability. XDMS works as you expect - every time. Increase productivity, collaboration, and security with the confidence that XDMS will offer whenever you need it.